May Mom of the Month - Kristin McAnnally

From Our Instructor Molly.....

I remember Kristin and Odyn’s first Stroller Strides class fondly! Mainly because I got to snuggle this sweet baby boy so his mom could workout. What struck me most about Kristin was her determination that class. There might have been some moments of “holy cow what have I gotten myself into!” However, Kristin persevered through the class and joined us!

Her perseverance and commitment to her health and happiness (along with Odyn’s!) gets Kristin out to class five if not six days a week! I have loved our pre and post workout chats. Kristin is always a kind, compassionate and loving listener to anyone who needs a friend! She is also incredibly welcoming to any new Mom who comes out to class. She leads with her heart in all of her interactions with our moms and their kiddos and we are so grateful to have Kristin and Odyn in our village!!

More about Kristin....

My amazing husband, Joshua, and I have been married for 4 1/2 years. We met and starting dating in high school and then continued dating all the way through college at Auburn (War Eagle)!

Our little man, Odyn, just turned one this month. When we have family time we love to spend it outdoors; hiking, biking or just walking around the neighborhood.

My faviorate part of being a mother is watching Odyn grow and change everyday. He makes me want to be a better person and to be the best that I can be.

I would tell her to hang on! The days seem so long sometimes but with the unconditional love from your little one and the support of other amazing moms(like my stroller strides moms :) ) she will get through those days. Also, Don't be afraid to put yourself first occasionally, everyone needs a few moments to recharge throughout the week.

We have been attending Stroller Strides since mid September 2017 and try to go Monday-Friday. I started for myself. I first came to SS because I needed to be able to workout everyday and have something to occupy our mornings while my husband was away. We stay becuase of all of the amazing women that I have met over the months, the awesome playgroups for Odyn and the killer workouts for me.

We would not have been able to survive those long months of military training without our Stroller Strides family!