November Family Friendly Vendor of the Month - Thirty One Gift with Alexis Overman

What does your company do?

The company sells things such as; purses, totes, sunglass case, towels, scarfs, organizations tool, baby items, jewelry, home decor etc. There are two options to purchase: 1) through my link. 2) You can also host a party whether it be Facebook party or a live party at whatever location you choose and you receive hostess credit towards product once your party qualifies with a $200.00 order. In addition, you can get the product personalized so our products make great gifts or great gifts for YOURSELF!!

What would local parents love about your business?

Local parents love the fact that Thirty-One has something for everyone; thermals, family solutions, organization solutions, baby solutions, home solutions, etc. There is literally something for everyone and their product is so versatile as well.

Do you have any products/sales you're highlighting right now?

Yes, we have a special currently going on where you spend $35.00 and you get 50% off one of our 3 products (Around Town Tote, All About The Benjamin or the Colorblock Tote).

Where can we find you - online or in person?

You can find me both online or in person. Call me/text me at 757-635-5850, email me at:, you can join my VIP FB Page - or my website for Thirty-One to purchase