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October Mom of the Month - Erin Pastoric

From our Instructors Alise & Jessica.......Meet Erin! Our Mom of the month. Erin is wife of Jayme aka “shiny guy” at Trashmore and mom to boys Dean and Davis! Erin has been a member since 2016 and involving all of her family in the community on a regular basis. She is a true #momboss selling quality makeup and products through Younique.

She may hide in the shadows of her funky reflective sunglasses and large hat, but when given the opportunity she will surprise you! She once signed into class as “e-money” and I had no idea who it was! Quick with a good laugh during class and always eager to try new things!

She is constantly giving, giving love, showing true compassion to others and being such a great role model for her boys and her surrounding community. After the Hurricane scare, she and her family donated their storm items to those who really needed them. Only a few weeks later she made a big contribution to the Samaritan House through our diaper drive class at Mt. Trashmore.

She is regularly attending our Moms Night Out when she can making connections and handing out compliments. Not only is she full of love, positivity, and so much patience, AND giving. She really works so dang hard during class! Always perfecting her love of squats! Erin is always pushing herself to reach new limits physically and mentally. She is becoming a true leader of the pack!

It’s been a blessing to watch such a wonderful, caring friend like Erin shine through and show her true beauty and strength to all who surround her! She is a #bossmom and a true #OG no doubt about it! Congrats Erin! You deserve it!

From Erin....

1. Family:

My husband and I have been married for 9 years! We met at a little Mexican restaurant back in TN. I’ll never forget seeing him walk in the door, that was it for me! We have 2 boys. Dean will be 5 this month and Davis is 2. We love to get outside as a family: swim, play soccer, take walks. And we love to have movie nights!

2. Motherhood:

My favorite part of motherhood is the unconditional love and affection and the feeling of my heart wanting to burst out of my chest every singe day with the excitement and pride I have for my sons. Also, being a “queen” amongst boys is pretty cool too haha!

My advice for a first time mom would be: you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else. Don’t forget about YOU!

3. Stroller Strides

I’ve been involved with Stroller Strides since September 2016. But I took a 6 month “break” in August 2017-Davis wasn’t feeling the stroller naps! I usually attend classes at Mt Trashmore. Wanting to get in shape after babies and accountability is what brought me to stroller strides. But the friendships, adult conversation/laughter and awesome workouts are what make me stay. I love that I can set heathy examples for my sons and I love feeling stronger and pushing myself every day!