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October Motivating Mama of the Month - Diana McCauley

From our Instructor Nicole....

I first met Diana and her son, Grayson, just over a year ago when they joined our Stroller Strides village. The two of them quickly became staples at our Chesapeake classes. She recently joined her first session of Run Club and has blown me away with her efforts and accomplishments. It’s women like her that keep me motivated to keep learning and be the best coach/instructor I can be. So, thank YOU, Diana.

When she isn’t tailing just steps behind her quick little explorer, she can be found hustling through each class and spreading her cheer to each person she comes in contact with. Despite what her day might hold, she always dons a smile and still finds a way to put others first. She is consistently sincere, helpful, and so creative. Besides, any girl who shows up to class matching her son in full costume is a winner in my book!! Diana, you are a true gem! I love having you and Grayson as part of our village and proud to call you a friend!

From Diana....

Tell us about your Family

1. How old are/is your little one? What do you like to do as a family?

Grayson just turned 3. We like to go for walks around our neighborhood and chase each other around the couch in our living room. We also have epic Mario Kart tournaments and Grayson gives out high fives for winning.

2.What is your favorite part of motherhood? What one piece of advice would you give to a first time mom?

My favorite part is the snuggling. I am going to miss Grayson being able to fit his whole body in my lap for snuggles. I would tell a first time mom to go easy on themselves. Those first months are so overwhelming and sometimes it seems like you can't do anything right, but sometimes all you can do is make sure baby is held and fed, and that is enough.

3.How long have you been involved in FIT4MOM? What’s your favorite thing about it?

We started coming to fit4mom August 2018. I absolutely love the camaraderie that we have. I honestly don't think I have felt this much a part of a community since high school sports. It just seems like everyone shows up to support and encourage one another. You could show up on your worst day and ask someone you've never met for help and they would have your back. That is the community fit4mom has and it is amazing.

Tell us about You

1.What are the recent accomplishments that make you feel proud and successful?

I recently joined run club and every week I am going a little farther than the last. I wanted to be able to run a 5k and now I can go even farther than that. I am hoping to be able to run the full 10k during the Wicked race. The sense of accomplishment this gives me is ridiculous. Like "oh you want me to slay dragons and take over the world? On it."

2.What is your greatest challenge?

Accepting things that I can't change. The last few years have had a lot of things going on with my own health and being responsible for my father who has Alzheimer's and I was making myself sick with anxiety and frustration. I was taking Zoloft and seeing a counselor, but it just felt like everyone needed me and I was failing them because I couldn't fix the problems that were going on. The best advice I got was to give myself some grace and learn to accept things as they come. So that is what I am trying to do.

3.When was the last time you tried something new?

I don't know if it is fair to use run club for two answers, but I am totally going to do it anyway. Run club is my something new, I'd been doing stroller strides for a year and making great progress, but I decided I needed a new challenge and when one of my good stroller stride friends asked if I would do it with her I couldn't say no. I still kind of hate the first 5 minutes of every run, but I learn something every time I go out and get it done.

4.If you could ask for one wish, what would it be?

I was going to answer this flippantly, "oh a summer home in the Caribbean" or something like that, but it wouldn't be true. Right now the one thing I would wish for is another baby. We've been trying for over two years to have a second child and it hasn't happened yet. So still hoping and still trying.

5.What inspires you in life?

Books! Books can literally be the answer to almost anything. Bad day? Read a good book. Need to relax? Book. Bored? Book. Need answers? Book. Stuck nursing your child at 3 am? Book. The list is endless and as Stephen King said "Books are a uniquely portable magic."