Sweat for a Cause- Fundraiser for Devon Dorsey

Join us on August 18th as we come together to sweat for a great cause! We'll be hosting a FIT4MOM® fitness class at the Shack to help raise funds for Devon Dorsey, a former Stroller Strides instructor and single mother fighting stage 4 cancer.

Please RSVP with this link, we will send you an online waiver to sign ->https://9paufwvw.paperform.co

Class is donation-based, please make a donation as you can afford to the day of the class. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Devon and her daughter.

More about Devon...

Hi my name is Devon Dorsey and I recently found out that I have a cancer that is highly genetic, aggressive, and fast moving - it is also a STG 4 cancer. I am also a single mom and I am pretty much parenting through this on my own. Any family out there reading this, get tested! My tumors are also akin to those types found in breast and uterine cancer so there are some other options for treatment, which is good and gives me a bit of hope to keep going. However, they are expensive and we are praying insurance covers at least a portion of them. My treatment costs run upwards of $20,000 plus per month. My oncologist squirrels away meds for me when she can because she knows the financial impact this is taking on us. Our lives changed so quickly a year and a half ago and now they are about to change again due to medical bills piling up. I ask for prayers that I am able to get a solid short and long term plan in place for my daughters care should I die. I also ask for prayers that I may be able to get the continued treatment I need and have more time with my amazing girl!