Our Village

Playgroups are free and open to everyone. You must register with Denise @ denisecranmore@fit4mom.com to attend your first playgroup. In cases of inclement weather please check our daily schedule to see if we've moved indoors.

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Jan. 2- Water bottle snowman craft- Do you wanna build a snowman? Kiddos will assemble and decorate an adorable snowman using recycled water bottles, felt, googley eyes, and cotton balls!

Jan. 9- Snow globe craft- Kiddos will assemble their own snow globe. It’s a fun craft that also becomes a toy! Kiddos can shake and watch snow fall over and over again!



Jan. 10 - Paper Snowflakes - Let it snow! Join us at City View Park to cut out and decorate snow flakes!

Jan. 17- Snow window Sensory board - We will be using cotton and contact paper to make our own snowy window scene.

Jan. 24- Penquin craft - Join us at City View Park to put together some adorable Penquins!

Jan. 31 - Paper bag Polar bears - We will create our own Polar bear puppets and put on a show!! All materials will be...

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Jan. 9-Sticker Line Up- we’ll roll out the paper and let our little ones work on their fine motor skills as they place stickers along the patterns.

Jan. 16-Rainbow Ribbon Ring – join us for some sensory playtime as we create rainbow ribbon rings. The ring can be attached to your stroller afterwards or your little one can dance around waiving the ribbon in the air.


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Jan. 3-Giant Jigsaw Puzzle-We'll be working together to assemble a huge puzzle!

Jan. 10-Big Sibling Training-Our village is growing again! We'll get some practice in with some baby dolls and learn what to do and what not to do with our new little sibling!

Jan. 17-Shredded Paper Sensory Bin-We'll be playing in some fun shredded paper with surpises inside!