Our Village Events

Our Village events are open to everyone, you do not have to be a FIT4MOM member to participate.

-Planning on joining us for a Playgroup? If this is your first playgroup please email Denise @ denisecranmore@fit4mom.com to RSVP and get all the details :) In cases of inclement weather please check our daily schedule to see if we've moved indoors.


Join us for an epic Halloween class. We’ll all be coming together for one class at Mount Trashmore that will not disappoint! Start planning because we are having a stroller decorating contest. After class we’ll have our stroller to stroller trick or treating, please bring a treat to pass out.

October 31st @ Mount Trashmore


Create this gorgeous autumn tree painting using cotton balls. Kids will love creating this fall craft with all of the beautiful colors of autumn!

Oct. 1st @ Great Neck Park

Oct. 3rd @ City View Park


A fun Halloween Sensory Bin for your little one to explore. Join us for a spooky and squishy sensory experience!

Oct. 7th @ Red Wing Park

Oct. 9th @ Mount Trashmore

Oct. 11th @ Chesapeake City Park


Create your very own pumpkin patch by using cut apples as stamps. Add some google eyes and a pipe cleaner stem and your masterpiece is complete!

Oct. 15th @ Great Neck Park

Oct. 17th @ City View Park


Let’s get creative! There are so many cute and funny ways you can turn your little ones hand and foot prints into some Halloween art.

Oct. 21st @ Red Wing Park

Oct. 23rd @ Mount Trashmore

Oct. 25th @ Chesapeake City Park


Join us after our Stroller Strides family class to let your little one(s) decorate their very own mini pumpkin! Paint will be involved so you may want to bring an extra change of clothes

Oct. 26th @ City View Park