What does your company do?

I have the privilege of listening to people's wants, needs and goals financially and then together we create a plan to pursue these goals.

What would local parents love about your business?

Local parents would love to be educated on the options available to them to help them achieve their financial goals and be more confident about their financial future.

Do you have any products/sales you're highlighting right now?

*Knowledge of the BRS Retirement System- military families, with less than 12 years service, have to make a decision on by the end of the year

*Extensive knowledge of Military Benefits including TSP

*Investments, life insurance, debt consolidation

Where can we find you - online or in person?

Online at, phone 716-860-1996, in person at any First Command Office (Chesapeake-home office, VA Beach, Norfolk or Lynnhaven.)


Let's Make a Difference!

One of the components of Our Village is our “Moms with a Mission”. Each quarter we choose an organization to provide you with a platform to help better the community where you live and play. We organize and inspire members to participate in activities focused on giving back to children, families and the environment.

This quarter we have chosen to support a local organization called 99 for the 1. A mobile homeless outreach program. Find out more in this video

Their Mission:

A one stop shop to make those in need feel good again. They can walk in one door, shower, shave, get clean clothes, fill a bag with hygiene products for the week, get a meal and walk out the other door feeling good about themselves. We don’t want to give a hand out, but more of a hand up.

We are asking for your help Mamas! Please help us collected the items below, instructors will accepting the items all month - These are the items that they are currently in need of:


fit4mom instructor- Sara.jpg

1. What are your 3 favorite foods? My 3 favorite foods are my mom’s homemade spaghetti, a really good burger and pancakes.

2. If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be? When you think things are too difficult – dig deep. You may surprise yourself and find strength you didn’t even know you had.

3. What item that you don’t have already, would you most like to own? A yard service. Our yard is huge but instead of hiring someone to maintain it we bought a riding lawn mower. Ugh.

Get to know more about Sara Here!

Kristin final.jpg

When my son was 4 months old I started taking Stroller Strides classes. I absolutely loved it! It was a great work out, it got me out of the house, and I was able to meet and connect with a lot of really wonderful mamas. As my son got a little older, it was getting harder for me to make it to class because the timing fell during his first nap of the day. I was determined to continue working out and lose the last of my baby weight but was also desperate for my baby to sleep. That's when I turned to Body Back. I went to a preview class and was absolutely hooked.

I was able to get a high-intensity work out and was surrounded by a group of strong mamas, but also got one glorious hour by myself twice a week. I also really liked the nutrition tracking aspect of Body Back. When adjusting to motherhood, I had developed a lot of bad eating habits while trying to survive those first few months of life with a newborn. The nutrition portion got me back on track with my eating habits, but with realistic menu items that my entire family (including my new eater) could enjoy!



From our Instructor Sara… I met Ali last summer at Mt. Trashmore shortly after she joined Stroller Strides. I immediately noticed her easy smile and welcoming disposition. I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know her and little Otto over the past few months. It is clear that she has a love of fitness and being active (hello, she can SURF!). But beyond all of her hard work and sweat you will see a woman who is an exceptional mother, a great friend and a key member of our Village. We are lucky to have you, Ali!

From Ali….

How long have you been married? How did you meet?

I've been married to Mal for almost 5 years. Believe it or not we are a success story. He was stationed in Newport, RI and that is where I grew up, we went on one date and I knew this was the dude for me.

How old are is your little one?

I have one son, Otto, and he is 16 months old.

What do you like to do as a family?

We love to...


What does your company do?

Usborne & More sells the most engaging, exciting and educational books on the market today!

What would local parents love about your business?

The company sells over 1,800 bright, colorful, and fun titles covering a wide variety of subjects and ages.

Do you have any products/sales you're highlighting right now?

Enjoy 14% off your entire order in February in honor of Valentine’s Day!

Where can we find you - online or in person?

Online. the link to my website to search books and make purchases is

fit4mom instructor- Kim.png


Having my mom tell me I’m doing a good job with Ev.





Get to Know More about Kim!


From our Instructor Kim ….I remember meeting Dani for the first time at the field house. She was new to class and like the rest of us a little nervous. As soon as we started chatting I knew this was her village. She walks into every class with a smile and positive attitude . Dani is always willing to reach out to a new mom at class, tell her story and share her experience at Stroller Strides. She doesn’t hesitate to welcome that mom with open arms. We have watched her grow as a strong and confident Momma, and as a friend. We will miss her and Ava. Wishing you and your family the best of luck Dani. Always remember we will always be your tribe no matter how many miles between us

From Dani....1) Chris and I have been married a little over 3 years. We were introduced by mutual friends at a BBQ in Monterey California and pretty much started dating that night. He’s hilarious and literally the kindest person I’ve ever met. We have our daughter Ava who is 16 months and we just found out we have another on the way!

We love being together. We...

Copy of fit4mom instructor- Nicole.png

1. What are your 3 favorite foods? Mama’s cooking, boudin, and whiskey.

2. If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be?

“Keep on keepin’ on!” – Joe Dirt. Wisest words ever spoken.

3. What item that you don’t have already, would you most like to own?

The endurance of Mo Farah and the legs of Beyonce.

Keep Reading......

After the Stork Logo.png

What does your company do?

Empower parents to coach their little ones into a healthy routine of sleep and every day life. I provide newborn sleep services that are for parents who are expecting or have a newborn and know they want/need their baby on a schedule. I also provide services for exhausted parents who are past that point who want support to get their little ones into a routine and sleeping through the night.

What would local parents love about your business?

The reward of a routine and sleep! When a child has a consistent routine, it is beneficial for both the child and the care givers. A consistent routine that involves naps, meal times, and bedtime, makes for a content baby who sleeps well through the night. It also makes planning outings much easier considering you will know when to plan activities that you can enjoy with a happy baby instead of being trapped in the house, guessing when your child will be fussy, tired, and/or hungry.


fit4mom instructor- Jessica.png


Just the other day at Trader Joe’s we were checking out and Lia fist-bumped a woman walking by! It was after a weekend with Dad, but so spontaneous and hilarious!


Find out more about her HERE!


What does your company do?

Usborne & More sells the most engaging, exciting and educational books on the market today!

What would local parents love about your business?

The company sells over 1,800 bright, colorful, and fun titles covering a wide variety of subjects and ages.

Do you have any products/sales you're highlighting right now?

People who host an (online) party currently earn DOUBLE* rewards (meaning more free books) & anyone who makes a purchase of $40 or more receives free shipping.

Where can we find you - online or in person?

Online. the link to my website to search books and make purchases is


From our Instructor Meghan...Melissa is an absolute joy to have in class. She is always smiling and works very hard. Even when she has to wear her daughter she gives us 100%! She is always willing to lend a helping hand. She has voluntarily taken care of my fussy little one so I can teach with less distractions. She frequently helps soothe fussy babies, even while comforting her own beautiful daughter and she does it with the biggest smile! It's been a pleasure getting to know her over the last few months and we love having her as part of our Stroller Strides tribe!

Melissa, thank you for all you do. You are an amazing mama!

More about Melissa....

1) My husband’s name is Brian we met while he was stationed in Hawaii (Go Navy!) and got married a little over 2 years ago. My daughter is Arya and she just turned 2 in August. My daughter is a little ball of energy from the moment she wakes up til the moment we coax her to go to sleep so we like to be outdoors to let her expend that energy; whether it’s walking around the botanical gardens, going to the...


From our Instructor Molly ... I remember Lindsay and sweet, tiny Baby Lucas joining us in the winter months last year and being so impressed with her commitment to getting out to class even on those cold days! I have loved getting to know Lindsay as we have bonded over our love of the Pacific Northwest (no place like it, go visit!) and have been in awe of her determination to run ELEVEN miles while pushing Lucas! Lindsay always shows up ready to work hard, welcome new moms and show Lucas that a healthy lifestyle is important! I am so glad she is in our village!!

Get to know Lindsay.....

Tell us about your family -How long have you been married? How did you meet?

I have been married to my Husband Joe for 6 years. We met in Fairfax, VA in our church small group. He had moved to Fairfax from Maine for work and I had moved to Fairfax from Oregon to attend Grad School at George Mason University. We like to say that opposites really do attract. We have a son named Lucas who is 13 months. He has the best smile!

What do you like to do as a family?

We love...

fit4mom instructor-Meghan.png

1. What are your 3 favorite foods?

Ice cream, pasta, anything Moroccan

2. If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be?

Work hard, play harder

3. What item that you don’t have already, would you most like to own?

A boat.

Read More....


What does your company do?

Young Living provides a new chemical free way of living. We’re the world leader in Essential Oils and didn’t stop there. Young Living has thought of it all from our Thieves Cleaner, baby products, make up, supplements all infused the the purest essential oils. Purity maters and we are the only company to provide Seed To Seal guarantee on all our oils and products. You can check out for more information. If you have been wanting to ditch and switch the chemicals for nearly everything in your home, YL has your covered. We use plants and essential oils for everything.

As for myself, I am an oil educator. You’re never alone on this journey with any questions. I use oils for everything topically and diffusing all the time in my home. I research my heart out for you and make sure that any questions you have are answered and using experience! I’m with you 100% of the way for using your oils (or YL product) for overall health and wellness.


fit4mom instructor.png

1. What are your 3 favorite foods? Chocolate, Wine, Good Cheese

2. If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be? She believed she could, so she did.

3. What item that you don’t have already, would you most like to own? Kegerator filled with Miller Lite

Get to know more about Molly.....


From our Instructor Jessica - I met Paige and Lucy a little over a year ago when they joined Stroller Strides in the Spring. Since then Paige has been rocking her workouts on a regular basis, sometimes even five days in a row! She and Lucy always show up grins wide and eager to make the best of that hour.

Paige’s calm demeanor and strong determination is the perfect combination for motherhood, and for Striding!

Get to know more about Paige and her family......

1) Tell us about your family -

How long have you been married? How did you meet?

How old are is your little one?

What do you like to do as a family?

My name is Paige Rolletta and I have been married to my husband Mike for 9 years. We met in 9th grade study hall at Camden High School in central NY. We have a daughter named Lucy and she's 20 months old. Together, we like to go for walks, go to the beach, and visit family as much as we can. We move very frequently (husband is a Navy Pilot) and we have been in VB for almost two years now and hopefully will be here two more years. I...


What does your company do? We create safer, cleaner cosmetics and skin care products. We educate people about environmental health issues, advocate for health- protective laws, and build a movement for change.

What would local parents love about your business? We have amazing kids and baby products! If you have slightly older kids, a mom and daughter makeup party is always something fun to schedule.

Do you have any products/sales you're highlighting right now? Yes! For the month of October, any Stroller Strides member can place an order through me and receive 10% off your purchase. Your name will be put into a raffle and at the end of the month I'll draw a winner for a free gift!

Where can we find you - online or in person? My personal website is I have a FB page, @beautycounteranna or give me a call 304-312-1113

Anna has donated a ...


From our instructor Sara….

I met Kirsten shortly after she joined Stroller Strides just as I began instructing classes. I was immediately drawn to her open and friendly personality. Every time I see her in class she is smiling and enjoying herself. But don’t let those smiles fool you, she is a workout machine! Kirsten goes to Stroller Strides to work hard and that determination is paying off. She is a strong woman, a wonderful mother and a fantastic member of Our Village. (We love her husband too – way to go Andy!)

A little about Kirsten…..

How long have you been married?

Andy and I have been married for 2.5 yrs.

How did you meet?

I was on a first (and last) date when my date and I met up with another small group after dinner. Andy was there and the rest is history! Yes, they are still friends. J

How old is your little one?

Sabrina is 9 months old. She is our first, but we’d happily welcome more!



Before having kids, I did not have a regular fitness routine. After my oldest was born, the extra weight came off without too much trouble. I gained a lot of weight during my last pregnancy and it wasn't coming off as quickly as it did when I was younger (my children are 10 years apart). I started doing at home workouts once I was cleared after my youngest, but I did not work out regularly until I found Stroller Strides in 2013.

I was working out on a regular basis, but needed a little more help than just exercising. I was a Stroller Strides mom for a year or so before I heard about Body Back. My son was getting older and harder to entertain during SS. Once he went to preschool I decided it was time to do something for myself! The timing was perfect to take the opportunity to focus on my health and goals without guilt for a couple of hours a week.

My first session of Body Back was March 2015 and I had wonderful results and absolutely fell in love with the program. I continued to do SS until August 2016 and also took classes at the YMCA. Body Back became the perfect...


I am from a tiny town in Kansas that is a lot like an old country song singing about the kind of place that people never leave. So when I married the military, I mean my husband, back in 2012 and moved to Denver, saying it was a big change is an understatement. A year later we made an even bigger move out to Virginia Beach! I didn't know a soul when we moved here, I happened to be 32 weeks pregnant with our second child and had put on more weight than doctors "suggested." A few weeks later I had our beautiful daughter Adalynn but felt extremely trapped in my own home. I am normally a very outgoing person that loves the company of others, but I was struggling to find friends. So when a neighbor asked me to go with her to a class called Stroller Strides I couldn't have been happier!

I grew up playing sports; basketball, cheerleading, and track were my favorites. I assumed Stroller Strides would be a breeze compared to my many years of practice, but boy was I wrong and hooked! I started making friends quickly and after a few months I was already starting to notice changes in...

IMG_0067 (3)2.jpg

When I was in high school I was pretty active – I walked to and from school, worked at a restaurant where I was on my feet all evening, and did distance races on the swim team. In college, I participated in a few intramural sports and traversed by foot all over campus. After that, my lifestyle begun to change. I went on to grad school as a commuter student - no more walking. I had a rec center membership though, and kept going to do some cardio and weightlifting a couple times a week, and mixed in some yoga classes from time to time.

Right after I got married, I found out I was pregnant. I immediately stopped working out altogether. I felt too nervous I would hurt the baby. After all, my balance was off carrying extra weight in my midsection, and my doctor told me not to lift anything heavy or spend too much time on my feet. Free pass, right? This is when I realized I had pre-partum depression. I’d never even heard of it before. I know that exercise is the first line of defense against depression, but I couldn’t bring myself to – I was too tired.

Then my son was...


From our instructor Nicole Kelly.....Congratulations to our July Mom of the Month, Jessica Cox!

She has been such a role model for the new moms and I have loved having her in our Stroller Strides classes. Jessica always comes out with a great attitude, works hard, and does it all with a smile on her face. She is very easy to talk to and would do anything for anyone. We are lucky to have her in Our Village!

From Jessica....

1. My husband and I have been married for nine years. We met in Jacksonville Florida while he was at Mayport Naval Station. We actually met at the church where we got married. We both attended a singles luncheon and he sat right next to me. I have a 6 year old son who just completed kindergarten and a 1 year old. I am not counting months anymore....its too hard....haha.

2. My favorite part of motherhood the unconditional love from my children. I also love seeing the sparkle in their eyes during Christmas time when they see Santa. I enjoy the unstoppable hugs and kisses that you get from your children. I love being able...


From our Instructor Kim.....

I met Jess almost a year ago and we clicked right away. Both of us born and raised here in VB had a lot in common including two baby girls that hit it off right away as well. I told her all about Stroller Strides knowing she would love it as much as I do. As time went on and I became an instructor Jess was there supporting me all the way. She's not scared to take on any task and is always willing to help. You have probably noticed her taking pictures for us, helping count moms and always helping with all the kids after class. She makes sure to chat with everyone and cracks jokes about being a new mom that will make you belly laugh. Which helps new moms feel at ease and a little more comfortable. She's kinda hilarious !! She always comes to class with a positive attitude and smile on her face. It sure is a pleasure to have her as part of our village.

From Jessica....

1) Tell us about your family -

How long have you been married? After dating for 8 years Mike and I got married a year and a half ago in Puerto Rico.

How did...


I served in the US Navy for 8 years flying in the F/A-18F Super Hornet. What an incredible adventure! After separating from the Navy and getting married to a handsome fighter pilot, I had time to pursue other interests. I completed several half marathons and attended Barre, Power Conditioning and TRX classes daily. I became A.C.E. certified knowing my passion for fitness would make for an exciting second career.

Shortly after moving to Virginia Beach, we were thrilled to find out we were expecting just as my husband prepared for deployment. I knew I wanted to get back into my fitness routine but didn’t want to put my precious little baby, Ella, in daycare. That’s when I found Stroller Strides and never looked back! Stroller Strides is much more than an excellent workout. It’s a positive way for Ella and I to start each day and spend time with AMAZING mothers and their kiddos. They have become my friends, my cheerleaders, my counselors in all things “baby” and my shoulders to lean on. I’m proud to be part of this Village and look forward to each and every...

stroller strides.jpg

From our instructor Molly - I met Ally when she was switching Stroller Strides franchises and Graham was just a baby! Right away Ally's sweet personality shined through. Her smile legitimately lights up her face and those around her. Her eagerness to welcome and include everyone is probably my favorite thing about Ally. Coming into a new group of moms can be intimidating, but Ally will make any new mom feel like they have found their village through her smile, conversation and genuine care for each individual. A If you need a laugh, Ally is there. If you need to talk to a friend, Ally is there. If you need a glass of wine, Ally is there! Ally is also a favorite of my oldest child's which is not an easy accomplishment. It take a while for my oldest to warm up to most people, but with Ally it took no effort at all. Ally knows how to love on all of our babies with an ease that is truly a gift. Our village was so lucky when Ally joined us, and we are forever grateful to have the soon-to-all-be Washington family with us!

1) Tell us about your family -

When are...


I Found My People!

Elated…encouraged…accepted…empowered. And sweaty! That’s how I felt after I completed my first Stroller Strides class here in Virginia Beach. I have felt that way after every class thereafter. Now let’s back up two months. I was a new mom, in a new place, without any family around and I knew nobody. My anxiety was through the roof and I was terrified to leave the house for longer than an hour and a half because I was breastfeeding my daughter and it wasn’t pretty those first few months. Basically…I felt like I had to know how to be a mom, how to breastfeed successfully, how to get my emotional spirit healthy and how to get my physical body back after growing and birthing a human. I quickly realized that I was not going to be able to accomplish all of that alone and I desperately needed to get out of my house! I went online and started to look for activities and groups I could take my daughter to while meeting other moms. Stroller Strides caught my eye. I have always enjoyed working out and was struggling to actually do the home workout videos that...

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Here's what our Instructor Jessica Schenck had to say about Katherine...

It wasn't until I started teaching that I noticed Katherine's real inner strength. She has always come to class early, completely prepared with the best toys, snacks for her kiddos (which they ALWAYS share) and quietly will ask other moms how they are doing. But she is more than just a smile and hard worker. Katherine would never ask for help - but will jump at the chance to help others. She literally gave me the shirt off her daughter's back when I needed it.

She shows up every day, ready to push herself past her limits all while having a good time. She sets goals for herself and accomplishes them without saying a word. She is a fantastic friend, mother, wife and now our new Playgroup Captain at Red Wing!

Even when Katherine broke a bone in her foot, she came back to class with a vengeance, only taking a few days off. She continues to amaze me with her calming demeanor, that immediately relaxes everyone and her courages spirit.

From Katherine...

My husband, David, and I met...


We are very excited to announce that our team has grown! Last weekend Kim traveled to the DC area to take the Stroller Strides & Fit4Baby certifications. You'll be seeing her out at class team teaching with other instructors. Be sure to give her a warm welcome!

From Kim....

I was born and raised here in VA beach and I'm a stay at home mom to my beautiful daughter Everly (1). A good friend of mine had asked me to join her for a Stroller Strides class about a year ago. I was completely terrified, but the instructor (Molly Vaughn) was welcoming and made my daughter and I feel like part of the tribe by the time warm ups were done. This was something that I really needed as a first time mama and within the first week I became addicted. Within the first month I knew I wanted to be involved in someway.

This village has helped me come out of my shell and grow as a person inside and out. The love and strength from all the Mama’s is extremely refreshing, really let’s you know that you're not alone on this journey of motherhood. Everly and I are forever grateful for...


Our next Body Back Transformation session is starting soon! Sessions are limited to 12 participants and are a kid free workout.

Secure your spot with a $50 deposit today

Session Information:

Session begins March 13th, 2017

Classes held Monday & Wednesday at the Virginia Beach Field House from 9:30-10:30am

*This is a child free workout*

Body Back® Transformation is an 8-week, results-based, high-intensity workout and nutrition program designed by and for moms. The workouts offer high-intensity, interval formats that give clients a total-body workout.

Are you ready to take your health and fitness to the next level? Our specially-trained coaches will take you on a journey to reach your fullest potential. Our meal plans, accountability and assessments are proven by university-backed studies to shed fat, increase strength and endurance, tone muscle and improve energy.

What Does Body Back® Transformation Include?

  • 2 Body Back®...

I am a Navy wife and a proud mother of two, Zoey (14) and Kye (11). I first learned about Stroller Strides 14 years ago in San Diego, Stroller Strides was a brand new workout for moms and I was hooked after my first class. By the time we moved in 2005, Stroller Strides had grown nationally and there was a new franchise here in Virginia Beach. It was then I decided to get certified to become a Stroller Strides instructor and I LOVED IT!! My children eventually grew out of the stroller so I became an AFAA group fitness instructor and taught at the local YMCA for many years. I taught several different classes including kids fitness, senior fitness, weights, bootcamp and beach bootcamp. After taking several years off, I'm super excited to make a return to teaching fitness as a Body Back instructor.

image1 (19).JPG

Family finances and planning for the future of our children and their education can be stressful. Having a monthly budget along with long-term financial goals can be a great tool for families. Kecia Dilday is a Financial Planner with First Command Financial Services. They have office locations in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake.

First Command develops and delivers comprehensive financial plans to assist military and civilian families alike in their efforts to get their financial lives squared away.

"We embrace time-tested financial principles, advocating a disciplined, long-term approach to saving and investing, supported by strategies to manage financial risk. And we support our clients' pursuit of their goals with a wide range of investment, insurance, and banking products and services."

Kecia joined First Command as a Financial Advisor in October 2014. During her 12 years of service in the United States Navy, she served multiple tours in the Integrated Undersea Surveillance System. A graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a Master of Public Administration...

websiteBB (1).png

Kick start the New Year with us at Body Back! Body Back is a mom only workout and is perfect for those with kids in school. Take some time for you and challenge yourself in a 8-week session. We are currently offering a great promotion on this session. Send me an email at for more details.


We know that this time of year is one of the busiest times for us mothers. We want to be sure that you take the time to take care of you and so we've come up with a challenge to keep you on track!

Attend 12 Stroller Strides classes between December 1st and December 30th and you'll earn yourself a free FIT4MOM T-shirt. Don't get lost in the craziness of the holidays because after all your health is the greatest gift you can give your family :)

RSVP on our Facebook Event Page


Your first class is always free so come join us! You can register using the link below or email Denise at for help getting set up and finding the closest locations to you.



Nicole is here to share some fun facts that you may not know about her!

She can be found MWF & most Saturdays teaching our Stroller Strides Class at Mt. Trashmore. She is also in charge of our Fit4Mom run group to help train for some upcoming races this winter.

Here is what Nicole wanted to share:

1. I love all things artistic – but in secret! I love to paint, draw, and play guitar, but only a few people have seen or heard what I come up with.

2. My husband and I won our wild Mardi Gras wedding on a radio contest and had only 1 week to prepare.

3. My costume box is one of my most favorite possessions. There are many great memories made wearing all the nonsensical garb that is inside.

4. My son, Colin, is named after a late childhood friend and I was so nervous to ask his mother for her blessings!

5. I have a dangerous affinity for practical jokes. I’ve pulled some great ones! And, of course, I went into labor for Colin on April Fool’s Day. I’m now mildly terrified about what Karma has in store for me.


Here's what our instructor Jessica Schenck had to say about Kristen: You can find Kristen throwing out compliments to the other moms, cracking funny jokes, or saying hi and inviting random people to join as they walk by our class. She isn't afraid to welcome all with open arms.

When Molly and I first met Kristen at Mt. Trashmore, she instantly attracted us with her personality. She even agreed to join us for her first workout already having run a mile!

The biggest reason Kristen stands out as our mom of the month was because what she said once at our Saturday class. The question of the day was "Why are you a part of our Stroller Strides Village?" She talked about how she was not brought up eating healthy foods or being active through exercise - and now it's hard to see that her parents aren't able to play with Julius with all their energy. She made the change herself to make better food choices for her and her family, exercise and make it a part of her life. That is absolutely not an easy thing to do! And when she does it all with a big grin on her face you cannot...


Wheels for Wishes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization benefiting Make-A-Wish in Virginia. When you donate any unwanted vehicle, the proceeds grant wishes to local children with life-threatening medical conditions. Wheels for Wishes comes to you with free towing, and your donation earns you a fantastic tax deduction.


This months family friendly vendor of the month is WholeBody Massage! Mention FIT4MOM and receive a 60 minute massage for only $30!

WholeBody Massage Therapy, Inc.

My name is Eileen Monaghan and I have been a Certified Massage Therapist since 2005. I attended The Fuller School of Massage Therapy and continued to work there for the next 10 years. I became an Instructor in 2010 and teach the advanced classes Deep Tissue, Prenatal Massage and Oncology Massage. I have advanced training in Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Oncology massage and Massage Cupping and received advanced Certifications in Prenatal Massage in 2010 and Reflexology in 2014.

After having my daughter in March of 2015, I realized that I wanted more than what I was doing at the school. I knew that there was a community of women that I wanted to reach out to. I decided to go out on my own to build a massage business exclusively for pregnant and postpartum...


Instructor Molly Vaughn: I met Jenn when I came back from maternity leave and Instantly fell in love with her daughter, Harper, who has the best cheeks and best blowouts this side of the Mississippi. I also loved the ease of chatting with Jenn about all subjects from poop explosions to my own father's medical needs. Her calm demeanor and caring heart are such an asset to our tribe! Jenn has also reached out to so many moms working and not working to come out to class to not only workout but to find a tribe of support! We all know that motherhood can be a lonely journey but not if you have a team cheering you on! And we are so lucky to have Jenn and Harper on our team!

Hi, I’m Jennifer. I grew up in Chesterfield, Virginia but have been in the area since 2005 when I moved to Norfolk to attend ODU. While attaining my Bachelors of Science in Nursing, I was also captain of the Women’s Swim Team. After graduation in 2009, I moved to Shore Drive and worked in the ICU at Virginia Beach General. I met my husband, Andrew, in April 2011 at a beach volleyball league at the oceanfront....


Did you know that Groupon also offers Groupon Coupons? All you have to do is go to Groupon’s website and you can look up coupons, promo codes, and other discounts for over 9,000 stores. I am terrible at saving coupons, and this solution to have a site where you can look up over 62,000 coupons with a click of a button makes it an easy way to save money and find a good deal. For starters, we all make stops atStarbucks way too much, so why not begin your Groupon Coupon habit by making sure you get 10% off of every order (expires August 2016)!

These aren’t random stores, either, but places we all frequent a lot—from everyday places like Target, Kohls, and Sam's Club to clothing stores like...

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Hi Everyone!

I'm Jen Zappas, and I am an Independent Consultant for Usborne Books & More. Usborne Books are award winning books that capture a child’s imagination and interest, all while helping them develop new skills. Usborne has been in business for over 30 years and is the leading publisher of children's nonfiction books, but we also offer: Fundraising Programs, Book Fairs & Grant Matching Programs!

I was first introduced to Usborne Books & More at a Facebook party co-hosted by another Stroller Strides mama. I hadn't heard of Usborne, and had never attended a Facebook Party before. After the hour long party, I was completely in love with the books and wanted to get them into the hands of all of the little readers I know! When I was a 3rd grade teacher it was always my mission to make sure that I found books for each one of my kids to fall in love with, therefore instilling a love of reading in them, and this allows me to do this daily!

Usborne FaceBOOK Parties are fast, fun, and earn you lots of FREE books for your children! Not to mention...


Why Run Together?

May 22, 2016 is the Dirty Girl Mud Run, and dozens of moms from Fit4Mom VA Beach and Chesapeake are going to finish it together as a team. It involves a 3.1 mile run, scaling obstacle courses, and getting muddy. Sound intimidating? Think again.

These ladies will help push you and give you the courage to tackle things you didn’t think possible. Think of this race as a metaphor for motherhood. It’s dirty, unexpected things come up, it’s challenging, but you’ve got to figure out a way to get through it. And just like motherhood, you don’t have to go through it alone since you’ll have your teammates by your side cheering you on and giving you a helping hand—and above all, it will be fun.

But first off, who are these women? Fit4Mom VA Beach and Chesapeake is my village of sisters who are there to take care of me, my kids, and to lift me up when I fall down. Before joining, I scoffed at the idea of a “mommy and me stroller work out group.” I was too good for that, since I was a former cross country and track runner, and thought the...

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Instructor Jess Glenn - Congratulations to Mt. Trashmore/Lynnhaven Malls member of the month, Elizabeth Hickman!

Beth is everything we love to see in our Stroller Strides moms: She's motivated. She's inspiring. She pushes herself EVERY class. You will never catch Beth not giving 100%. She does all of this with a smile on her face and a fabulous sense of humor!

I can always count on Beth to work hard and encourage other moms! Her positive, joyful mood is contagious!

We are so fortunate to have her join us at classes! We love you Beth!

Mom of the Month – Beth Hickman

I am so thrilled to be the March Mom of the month. I greatly appreciate all the things the Stroller Strides community has given me and my family.

My husband Bryan and I met in Washington, DC in 2008. We ended up on the same co-ed soccer team and the rest is history – hehe. After almost four years of living the single life in DC, Bry and I spent the next four years in Arlington, VA. We got married in 2011 in Syracuse, NY where most of my...


LuLaRoe Judith Crozier- Mobile Boutique offering unique clothes for women and children

My name is Judy and I'm a fashion consultant with LuLaRoe. LuLaRoe is a brand of clothes meant to be comfortable, fashionable and affordable. What makes LuLaRoe so unique is our unique use of color and patterns. Retailers our size make anywhere from 35,000- 50,000 of the same piece. LuLaRoe makes no more than 2,500 of any pattern. Total!

I first found LuLaRoe through a link posted on Stroller Strides. I clicked the link out of curiosity. I had lost most of my baby weight and was struggling to find clothes that fit my new mom body and the mall was more frustrating than not. I have been a consultant with LuLaRoe for 6 months and love everything LuLaRoe stands for. We are about fashionable and comfortable clothes but more importantly, we're about empowering and supporting women. From a butterfly print that a friend in Norfolk loves because it was the symbol she shared with her now deceased son to the soft fabrics we use for our clothes that has changed the life of a friend with an...


ACSM Personal Trainer, AFPA Prenatal/Postnatal Exercise Specialist, AFPA Group Exercise Instructor, Stroller Strides Certified

Fitness and exercise have always been big parts of my life. I am an avid distance runner, soccer player and former gymnast. After earning my Bachelors in Health from the University of New Orleans, I worked with postoperative athletes in orthopedic physical therapy. I also did one on one personal training and taught small group strengthening exercise classes. In April 2015, I proudly added “Mom” to my resume!

Being new to Virginia, I was overwhelmed with the idea of having a newborn in a new place with no friends or family. I attended my first Stroller Strides class when I was eight months pregnant. I was immediately impressed with the community and I knew it would be a great fit for me and my son, Colin. I began attending classes regularly after Colin was born. Becoming a Stroller Strides Instructor helps me combine two of the most important things in my life – motherhood and fitness. Having focused much of my training...


Instructor Molly Vaughn - I met Shelley the summer before our senior year in high school; however, we didn't go to the same high school or college so our connection was continued by good old Facebook. When I came back to the area and started coming to class, Shelley was exactly as I had remembered her - warm, welcoming, makes you feel included and easily connects you with others. When she isn't juggling her two precious girls, Shelley is chatting up the new mom at class to make sure that mom knows she has found her village or chatting up the mom with a stroller not attending class but who is eyeing us from afar. Shelley understands and appreciates the love, support and camaraderie that Stroller Strides provides and wants all mommies to have access to such a community. So many moms I have met have told me that they found Stroller Strides because Shelley told them to come try it out! Our village is lucky to have such an example of genuine care for other mommies to have a much needed support system (and fitness!)

Hi! My name is Shelley Long and I’ve been attending Stroller...


FlutterBy Baby Quilts, specializing in custom handmade quilts for babies and kids.

I have been sewing for over twenty years. I first learned basic sewing skills when I was a girl scout trying to earn a sewing badge. My Grandmother saw my interest, and bought my first sewing machine as a Christmas gift that year. That sewing machine is still operational in my collection to this day! I mostly had sewn decorative housewares like curtains, table runners, etc. until I was expecting my son, which inspired me to create my first baby quilt. I began giving my baby quilts as gifts, and before I knew it requests were coming in for custom made creations, and my business began.

What I love about quilting is the creative process. I use a variety of colors and patterns, embroidery, themes/characters, or appliques to create beautiful cherished keepsakes. One day, I am stitching a lucky grey elephant, and the next day could be purple butterflies! The most unique themes I have created during the end of last year were for a fruit themed nursery, and one featuring Russian nesting...

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