Family Friendly Vendor of the Month

LuLaRoe Judith Crozier- Mobile Boutique offering unique clothes for women and children

My name is Judy and I'm a fashion consultant with LuLaRoe. LuLaRoe is a brand of clothes meant to be comfortable, fashionable and affordable. What makes LuLaRoe so unique is our unique use of color and patterns. Retailers our size make anywhere from 35,000- 50,000 of the same piece. LuLaRoe makes no more than 2,500 of any pattern. Total!

I first found LuLaRoe through a link posted on Stroller Strides. I clicked the link out of curiosity. I had lost most of my baby weight and was struggling to find clothes that fit my new mom body and the mall was more frustrating than not. I have been a consultant with LuLaRoe for 6 months and love everything LuLaRoe stands for. We are about fashionable and comfortable clothes but more importantly, we're about empowering and supporting women. From a butterfly print that a friend in Norfolk loves because it was the symbol she shared with her now deceased son to the soft fabrics we use for our clothes that has changed the life of a friend with an autoimmune disease that found clothes painful to wear before she found LuLaRoe, there really is something for everyone!

My mobile boutique has about 1,000 pieces of inventory in stock at all times! Contact me to schedule a pop-up and earn free clothes, mention that you're a Stroller Strides member and I'll give you a free pair of leggings on top of your hostess rewards! You can also shop my online sales at www.Facebook.com/groups/lularoejudithcrozier. Contact me by email atjudith.crozier@gmail.com or by phone at 405-408-7614.

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