Get to know our Stroller Strides Instructor Nicole

Nicole is here to share some fun facts that you may not know about her!

She can be found MWF & most Saturdays teaching our Stroller Strides Class at Mt. Trashmore. She is also in charge of our Fit4Mom run group to help train for some upcoming races this winter.

Here is what Nicole wanted to share:

1. I love all things artistic – but in secret! I love to paint, draw, and play guitar, but only a few people have seen or heard what I come up with.

2. My husband and I won our wild Mardi Gras wedding on a radio contest and had only 1 week to prepare.

3. My costume box is one of my most favorite possessions. There are many great memories made wearing all the nonsensical garb that is inside.

4. My son, Colin, is named after a late childhood friend and I was so nervous to ask his mother for her blessings!

5. I have a dangerous affinity for practical jokes. I’ve pulled some great ones! And, of course, I went into labor for Colin on April Fool’s Day. I’m now mildly terrified about what Karma has in store for me.

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