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January Family Friendly Vendor of the Month - After the Stork, LLC

What does your company do?

Empower parents to coach their little ones into a healthy routine of sleep and every day life. I provide newborn sleep services that are for parents who are expecting or have a newborn and know they want/need their baby on a schedule. I also provide services for exhausted parents who are past that point who want support to get their little ones into a routine and sleeping through the night.

What would local parents love about your business?

The reward of a routine and sleep! When a child has a consistent routine, it is beneficial for both the child and the care givers. A consistent routine that involves naps, meal times, and bedtime, makes for a content baby who sleeps well through the night. It also makes planning outings much easier considering you will know when to plan activities that you can enjoy with a happy baby instead of being trapped in the house, guessing when your child will be fussy, tired, and/or hungry.

Do you have any products/sales you're highlighting right now?

Newborn Sleep Coaching - A monthly service for expecting parents and those who have a newborn that is eight weeks or younger who want/need to get their baby sleeping well and on a schedule. With this service, parents will get an initial consultation to discuss newborn sleep, a monthly document on development and gradual steps to take for creating healthy sleep habits, a monthly 1-hour phone call, and unlimited access to me via text and email.

Where can we find you - online or in person?

Megan Robert - 573-837-5046

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