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March Mom of the Month

Instructor Jess Glenn - Congratulations to Mt. Trashmore/Lynnhaven Malls member of the month, Elizabeth Hickman!

Beth is everything we love to see in our Stroller Strides moms: She's motivated. She's inspiring. She pushes herself EVERY class. You will never catch Beth not giving 100%. She does all of this with a smile on her face and a fabulous sense of humor!

I can always count on Beth to work hard and encourage other moms! Her positive, joyful mood is contagious!

We are so fortunate to have her join us at classes! We love you Beth!

Mom of the Month – Beth Hickman

I am so thrilled to be the March Mom of the month. I greatly appreciate all the things the Stroller Strides community has given me and my family.

My husband Bryan and I met in Washington, DC in 2008. We ended up on the same co-ed soccer team and the rest is history – hehe. After almost four years of living the single life in DC, Bry and I spent the next four years in Arlington, VA. We got married in 2011 in Syracuse, NY where most of my family lives. After marrying a Southern boy from Virginia Beach he finally convinced me raising a family would be easier down here and he was absolutely right!

We moved to Virginia Beach in 2013 and in November 2014 we welcomed our son Liam. Before joining Stroller Strides shortly after my son was born, Virginia Beach was a difficult place for me to settle in. Being a “Yankee” and used to cold winters it took me some time to embrace the “Beach life.” It was becoming a Mom and joining Stroller Strides that really helped me feel at home in “The 757.”

I joined Stroller Strides when Liam was nine weeks old. I had a difficult birth developing HELLP Syndrome (a severe form of Preeclampsia) at 37 weeks which led to an emergency C-section and a short stint in the NICU at Sentara Princess Anne. After finally settling home with our son we quickly learned his constant crying was Colic. My identical twin sister had done Stroller Strides in Buffalo, NY and my other sister had done Baby boot camp in Syracuse and both of them encouraged Bry to get me involved. It was one of the better Christmas gifts I have received. After my husband physically dropped me off with my non-jogger stroller to my first class at Pembroke Mall with Jenn Strach, I was hooked. I remember walking to my first station and Kate Lee saying “Oh my kids were a little Colic too, here are some things I did and I promise you will be fine.” After several classes of a crying baby Jenn sent me an email encouraging me to not be discouraged and to lean on my instructors to help with my fussy kid so I could get in my workout. After those first few classes, I quickly learned this was going to be a good thing for me, Liam and Bryan.

Stroller Strides has given me a place to feel good about being a Mom. I have met some of my best friends in the area through Stroller Strides and I have gained confidence in myself physically, mentally and emotionally. I currently attend MWF classes with Jess Glenn, because I work part-time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I will be joining Thursday classes again in May through the summer. Even when I wake up and would rather stay in my PJs, I am always happier after I go to Stroller Strides. I see Jess Glenn’s bubbly face or Jenn’s calm demeanor or Molly Vaughn saying “Go Beth go” and I know I made the right decision to go.

Some of my favorite classes are the ones in the summer at Bayville, because I can walk over from our house. I love relaxing after class and catching up with my Mommas about life. I have learned how to be a better mother through these conversations. As a new Mom you spend a lot of time worrying and questioning what you are doing. My best advice is, “You know your kid, and you know best.” Try not to question what you do. I have learned the most about parenting through the mistakes I have made.

Liam will be 16 months this month and it has been the fastest, coolest and most challenging 16 months of our lives. We love to take walks to the beach in the wagon, eat Mexican on Friday’s at Plaza Azteca and sing songs in the car! Liam’s bubbly smile and belly laugh makes me happy to be alive every day.

I am so grateful for this community of strong, independent, caring, supportive and fit women, and I look forward to many more classes and conversations to come.

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