Meet our New Body Back Transformation Instructor - Tina Chapman

I am from a tiny town in Kansas that is a lot like an old country song singing about the kind of place that people never leave. So when I married the military, I mean my husband, back in 2012 and moved to Denver, saying it was a big change is an understatement. A year later we made an even bigger move out to Virginia Beach! I didn't know a soul when we moved here, I happened to be 32 weeks pregnant with our second child and had put on more weight than doctors "suggested." A few weeks later I had our beautiful daughter Adalynn but felt extremely trapped in my own home. I am normally a very outgoing person that loves the company of others, but I was struggling to find friends. So when a neighbor asked me to go with her to a class called Stroller Strides I couldn't have been happier!

I grew up playing sports; basketball, cheerleading, and track were my favorites. I assumed Stroller Strides would be a breeze compared to my many years of practice, but boy was I wrong and hooked! I started making friends quickly and after a few months I was already starting to notice changes in my body. It was a win win! I was and am inspired daily my such strong moms that surround me. And now I am excited to give back and help to inspire more moms.

I was told after having my daughter that I would never have my body back and to just enjoy my kids. But with low energy and low self confidence I knew something had to give. Well after lots of hard work and one more baby I can confidently tell you that I love my body now more than I ever have, and I want to get you there too!!!

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