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Mom of the Month - Katherine Sutliff

Here's what our Instructor Jessica Schenck had to say about Katherine...

It wasn't until I started teaching that I noticed Katherine's real inner strength. She has always come to class early, completely prepared with the best toys, snacks for her kiddos (which they ALWAYS share) and quietly will ask other moms how they are doing. But she is more than just a smile and hard worker. Katherine would never ask for help - but will jump at the chance to help others. She literally gave me the shirt off her daughter's back when I needed it.

She shows up every day, ready to push herself past her limits all while having a good time. She sets goals for herself and accomplishes them without saying a word. She is a fantastic friend, mother, wife and now our new Playgroup Captain at Red Wing!

Even when Katherine broke a bone in her foot, she came back to class with a vengeance, only taking a few days off. She continues to amaze me with her calming demeanor, that immediately relaxes everyone and her courages spirit.

From Katherine...

My husband, David, and I met in January of 2005 when he started working at the accounting firm where I worked. We continued working together as certified public accounts in the tax department for many years. We got engaged in the fall of 2010 and married on November 12, 2011 in Virginia Beach. We began building our home in April of 2012 and moved in in the fall of that year. Our oldest daughter, Charlotte, was born in April of 2014. Two years later, in June of 2016, we welcomed our second daughter, Eleanor. Our favorite things to do these days are trips to the aquarium and having dance parties outside on our deck. Charlotte is absolutely in love with the animals at the aquarium and we go at least twice a week!

My favorite part of being a mother is watching my children grow. Charlotte was not a big talker until well after her second birthday, but since then her vocabulary has expanded in so many ways! She is such a little person who is so curious about everything around her and how it all works. Her growth over the last year has been unbelievable to me! My biggest piece of advice to a first time mom, or any mom really, is to try not to compare your child to anyone around you or anyone on social media or even what some books or blogs say. It is so easy to get wrapped up in what your children should be doing or how they should be doing it, and miss out on the growth and experience that is happening in front of you. My girls have both been slow to develop and hit milestones of what they should be doing. And it would have been/be so easy to become consumed with what they aren’t doing, that I would miss what they are doing. Whether it is walking, talking, or anything else, I feel like you know your children the best and can best see their progress and growth!

I first started doing Stroller Strides when my oldest was about 5 months old. At the time, I was still working part-time, but would go to classes on the days I had off during the week. When she was almost a year old, some old problems with my back started up again and I had to take a break. In May of 2015, I had back surgery that forced me to take a good amount of time off and go to physical therapy. During my second pregnancy I also had to take it easy since I had just had the surgery. I came back to classes when Eleanor was 5 weeks old, and haven’t looked back (except for those few weeks after I broke my foot at Molly’s class! ☺). I go to the RedWing/FieldHouse and Great Neck/Pembroke Mall classes. Getting back into the classes has been great for me both physically and mentally! I love the workout that I get from Jessica and Molly’s classes and I love the interaction with other moms every day! The classes get us up and out of the house every day and that keeps me sane!

I recently became the Playgroup Captain at the RedWing/FieldHouse classes! I can’t wait to meet more moms and little ones!

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