My Journey with Body Back

Before having kids, I did not have a regular fitness routine. After my oldest was born, the extra weight came off without too much trouble. I gained a lot of weight during my last pregnancy and it wasn't coming off as quickly as it did when I was younger (my children are 10 years apart). I started doing at home workouts once I was cleared after my youngest, but I did not work out regularly until I found Stroller Strides in 2013.

I was working out on a regular basis, but needed a little more help than just exercising. I was a Stroller Strides mom for a year or so before I heard about Body Back. My son was getting older and harder to entertain during SS. Once he went to preschool I decided it was time to do something for myself! The timing was perfect to take the opportunity to focus on my health and goals without guilt for a couple of hours a week.

My first session of Body Back was March 2015 and I had wonderful results and absolutely fell in love with the program. I continued to do SS until August 2016 and also took classes at the YMCA. Body Back became the perfect combination of nutrition, accountability, and challenging workouts...I was addicted! Unfortunately, I had a severe calf strain in December 2016 and could not start BB again until March 2017.

I began a new session of Body Back with Michelle in March 2017 and am now on my third session with her. I LOVE her! Michelle is challenging, energetic, motivating, and so very caring. She has helped me, encouraged me, and now I am able to accomplish things that I never imagined my body could do.

I use the BB at-home workouts two to three times a week - depending on the "homework" we are assigned during our session. Michelle likes to have us workout 5 times a week, twice with her and three times on our own. She usually assigns two Mini Rounds which are some of the BB home workouts and one run day.

The recipes are easy to follow, easy to make, and list easy to find ingredients. There are also great extras such as "build your own" trail mix, salad, etc. so you can adjust to your taste, but still have a guide for healthy add-ins. The "grab and go snacks" and "bite-sized sweets" also help keep me on track without feeling deprived.

I am so much stronger, healthier, and have lost many inches and pounds. During the first round alone, I lost 21 lbs. This year I’ve I lost 11 lbs and 4 inches in my waist. I’ve been thrilled with the Body Back as a whole and especially with my results. The program is amazing, the recipes are delicious, and the access to BB home workouts is extremely beneficial. I’m so pleased I made the choice to invest in myself and my health. It’s truly paid off!

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