October Family Friendly Vendor of the Month - BEAUTYCOUNTER with Anna Simon

What does your company do? We create safer, cleaner cosmetics and skin care products. We educate people about environmental health issues, advocate for health- protective laws, and build a movement for change.

What would local parents love about your business? We have amazing kids and baby products! If you have slightly older kids, a mom and daughter makeup party is always something fun to schedule.

Do you have any products/sales you're highlighting right now? Yes! For the month of October, any Stroller Strides member can place an order through me and receive 10% off your purchase. Your name will be put into a raffle and at the end of the month I'll draw a winner for a free gift!

Where can we find you - online or in person? My personal website is www.beautycounter.com/annasimon I have a FB page, @beautycounteranna or give me a call 304-312-1113

Anna has donated a Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion ($48) to be raffled off to one lucky mom this month! Stay tuned for more details

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