October Mom of the Month - Paige Rolletta

From our Instructor Jessica - I met Paige and Lucy a little over a year ago when they joined Stroller Strides in the Spring. Since then Paige has been rocking her workouts on a regular basis, sometimes even five days in a row! She and Lucy always show up grins wide and eager to make the best of that hour.

Paige’s calm demeanor and strong determination is the perfect combination for motherhood, and for Striding!

Get to know more about Paige and her family......

1) Tell us about your family -

How long have you been married? How did you meet?

How old are is your little one?

What do you like to do as a family?

My name is Paige Rolletta and I have been married to my husband Mike for 9 years. We met in 9th grade study hall at Camden High School in central NY. We have a daughter named Lucy and she's 20 months old. Together, we like to go for walks, go to the beach, and visit family as much as we can. We move very frequently (husband is a Navy Pilot) and we have been in VB for almost two years now and hopefully will be here two more years. I taught Math at Independence Middle School for 6 months before I had Lucy. I now teach from home part time with K12 teaching Math and Elementary 3-5.

2) What is your favorite part of motherhood?

What one piece of advice would you give to a first time mom?

My favorite part of motherhood is watching Lucy grow and learn new things (as much as I hate to see her grow up). She has an infectious laugh and is a huge extravert so we never have any dull moments. Some advice I would give to a first time mom is to let the nurse take your baby to the nursery overnight in the hospital. (haha) Someone told me to do it and I didn't listen. I could have gotten one more night of sleep; that was the first of many sleepless nights.....

3) How long have you been involved in SS?

What classes do you usually attend?

What brought you to us?

Why do you stay?

I have been doing stroller strides since May 2016. My husband bought me a 10 day pass for Mothers Day. Probably the best gift he has gotten me. I usually go to Great Neck and Mt. Trashmore/Oceanfront. I was an athlete in school and I have always been a runner. Running is great and got my through my first pregnancy but once I stopped teaching at a traditional school to stay at home with Lucy, I craved interaction with people. When I went to my first stroller strides class, I couldn't move for a week and that's what made me want to come back! It's such a good workout and Lucy has made many good friends! It gets her interaction with kids which I also wanted since she doesn't go to daycare.

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