Our Newest Instructor! Kim Napier

We are very excited to announce that our team has grown! Last weekend Kim traveled to the DC area to take the Stroller Strides & Fit4Baby certifications. You'll be seeing her out at class team teaching with other instructors. Be sure to give her a warm welcome!

From Kim....

I was born and raised here in VA beach and I'm a stay at home mom to my beautiful daughter Everly (1). A good friend of mine had asked me to join her for a Stroller Strides class about a year ago. I was completely terrified, but the instructor (Molly Vaughn) was welcoming and made my daughter and I feel like part of the tribe by the time warm ups were done. This was something that I really needed as a first time mama and within the first week I became addicted. Within the first month I knew I wanted to be involved in someway.

This village has helped me come out of my shell and grow as a person inside and out. The love and strength from all the Mama’s is extremely refreshing, really let’s you know that you're not alone on this journey of motherhood. Everly and I are forever grateful for the friendships that we have made and continue to make along the way.

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