Vendor of the Month-FlutterBy Baby Quilts

FlutterBy Baby Quilts, specializing in custom handmade quilts for babies and kids.

I have been sewing for over twenty years. I first learned basic sewing skills when I was a girl scout trying to earn a sewing badge. My Grandmother saw my interest, and bought my first sewing machine as a Christmas gift that year. That sewing machine is still operational in my collection to this day! I mostly had sewn decorative housewares like curtains, table runners, etc. until I was expecting my son, which inspired me to create my first baby quilt. I began giving my baby quilts as gifts, and before I knew it requests were coming in for custom made creations, and my business began.

What I love about quilting is the creative process. I use a variety of colors and patterns, embroidery, themes/characters, or appliques to create beautiful cherished keepsakes. One day, I am stitching a lucky grey elephant, and the next day could be purple butterflies! The most unique themes I have created during the end of last year were for a fruit themed nursery, and one featuring Russian nesting dolls. Every quilt is pieced using a professional grade sewing machine and then closed by hand stitching. I assemble my quilts with high quality cotton fabrics and batting, and with premium quilting and embroidery threads. Images of all my completed quilts are on my Facebook page where I can be reached via messenger for a custom order:


In addition to custom made quilts, I also sell quilts that are ready for shipment on two online marketplaces:



Stroller Strides members will have the opportunity to win a $25 gift certificate being raffled toward the purchase of a quilt this month. Stroller Strides Members will also receive 10% off their total quilt order during the month of February.

Heather Dahlmeyer


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