Our Reviews

Here's what our Stroller Strides participants say about the program:

  • "Aside from AWESOME workouts, I have met some incredible women that have proven to be a great support system for me! I love that the instructors are Mom's too, so they know how stressful working out with a fussy one can be! Believe me, you will come for the workout, and stay for the friendships!"
  • "The instructors are great, and know just how to encourage us to challenge ourselves. Since joining Stroller Strides, I have lost more than 60 pounds, and I enjoy an active lifestyle now that I never would have dreamed of before. I have gone from barely being able to walk or jog even one mile to running a half marathon, and training for a full marathon!"
  • "We love Stroller Strides! We all look forward to going to class. I get my workout and 'mommy time' in, and [my kids] get to play at the park with their friends. The support group is invaluable to me as a mom, and the friendships we've made are marvelous. 'My' Stroller Strides moms have helped me through two new babies and two of my husband's deployments! I cannot recommend Stroller Strides highly enough-- the exercise is one of the best things you can do for yourself, and the camaraderie is one of the best things you can do for your kids. Happy, fit moms make happy families."
  • "I have been doing Stroller Strides faithfully for over 4 years and cannot imagine my life without it. My daughter is almost 5, my son is 2 1/2, and I am due in 6 weeks with baby #3. My kids love it just as much as I do. We have made countless friendships that will undoubtly last a lifetime."
  • "I was reluctant to join, because 1) I thought there was no way my girls would remain seated for the class and 2) I wasn't sure the work out would be a good fit for me. Luckily, I tried class. To my amazement, the girls have stayed seated & had fun in the strollers and I have had great work outs. The friendships for the girls and I have made our move to Virginia Beach so much easier."
  • "I have been with the Virginia Beach/Chesapeake Stroller Strides for 2 1/2 years now and joining was the best decision I ever made! I have two kids and am in the best shape I have ever been in...even pre-kids. It is a great way to meet new moms, share experiences and work out. Not only am I a healtheir mom, I am showing my kids that exercise is important for a healthy and well balanced life! I was not a runner before joining but now I have run a 5K, 8K, 14K and two 1/2 marathons. I am proud to be a Stroller Strides mom!!!"
  • "Stroller Strides is one of the best things I have ever done for myself and my daughter! Before I joined a year and a half ago, I couldn't even run to the end of the block! I just finished my 7th race since joining Stroller Strides! It is such a great and fun workout and the kids LOVE class too! My daughter looks forward to class, she gets to see her friends and play afterwards. Stroller Strides is a great class for beginner to advanced, you can make it as easy or hard as you want. There are options for runners, walkers, different resistance band levels and modifications for all fitness levels. The moms and instructors are all so inviting and friendly, it's really the most fun you can have while working out."
  • "I attended one class and knew I would become a member. I am a former college athlete and I have to say that this class is more than just Mom's getting together for a 'stroll.' Stroller Strides is worth the investment for your body, for your motherhood, and for your kids. I can bring my daughter to class and she can play after with the other kids, is outside with me in the fresh air, and can see Mom working out and hopefully this builds on her foundation for a healthy lifestyle and love of activity. I seriously don't know how Mom's do it without support - and this is a great way to find some and get fit while your at it!"
  • "I have never before felt so comfortable at a workout group! All of the moms and kids are so great and friendly! I do believe that I have developed some long lasting friendships and I get to work on getting a better body and and staying healthy! What more could a girl ask for!"
  • "If you are looking for a great workout, a fun group of moms, and kids as crazy as yours - Stroller Strides is the group for you! The ladies I meet up with every week have not only become great inspiration for my own fitness and weight loss goals, but great friends as well. I cannot say enough good things about the women I have met through Stroller Strides. Come out and join us!! You will be glad you did!"
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